frequently asked questions

1) Is 650 Lincoln located on campus?
Yes, 650 Lincoln is located at the corner of Lincoln and Blossom Streets on the University of South Carolina campus. 650 Lincoln is adjacent to the Strom Thurmond Fitness Center, Moore Business School, Colonial Life Arena and Greek Village.

2) Unit types available?
4-bedroom and a limited number of 2-bedroom units are available. (All 1 bedrooms have already been reserved.)

3) Is it possible to reserve a specific unit type and location? 
No, but the 650 Lincoln staff will work diligently to place you and your desired roommates together, considering there are either 2 or 4 of you, in a unit that matches the same number of beds.

4) Is roommate matching available? 
Yes, the 650 Lincoln staff will help match you with like-minded students if preferred.

5) Does 650 Lincoln offer individual leasing? 
Yes, individual leasing is available.  All residents will sign their own separate lease.

6) Will I be able to live with my roommate that I’ve requested through the interest form process? 
Yes, you will be placed with your desired roommate as long as your roommate completed the interest form and was approved through the background check process conducted by the University.


7) Is there an administration fee?
Yes, a non-refundable administration fee of $150 is due when your application is submitted.


8) Is there a rent deposit?
Yes, a $500 rent deposit is due on dates specified in the lease agreement.  This deposit will be deducted from your semester installment.


9) Is there a security deposit?
No, a security deposit is not required.


10) What are the available lease terms?

The lease is for two consecutive semesters (fall and spring). Each resident must sign a fall/spring term lease. However, there is a lease termination policy that sets deadlines for documentation to be received to release resident from spring term. (Fees do apply)

 We also have several lease options for summer semester.


11) When is the rent due?

Fall 2020
$500 rent deposit is due on or before February 1, 2020 (or at time of lease approval if after).  Remaining balance is due August 13, 2020.

Spring 2021
$500 rent deposit is due April 1, 2020 (or at time of lease approval if after).  Remaining spring balance due on January 6, 2021.


12) What form of payment does your community accept?
We accept check, money order, certified check, or ACH (automatic withdrawal set up through a credit/debit card or savings/checking account). You may also pay on our website using your credit/debit card.


13) Who do I make the check, money order, or certified check out to?

USC DF West Campus, LLC


14) Will my rent installments for 650 Lincoln appear on my tuition bill with USC?
No, all payments for housing at 650 Lincoln including rent installments, administration fees and rent deposits will be paid to 650 Lincoln directly.  We do not show up on the University tuition bill.  Payments can be made via resident portal, check or money order.  Please make all checks/money orders out to USC DF West Campus LLC.


15) Is subleasing allowed?
Yes, but it is the residents sole responsibility to produce a prospect, but the prospect must be approved by 650 Lincoln management.


16) Do I need to get renters insurance?
We do not require renter’s insurance however we strongly recommended that our residents carry it.


17) What is the cost for the resident secured parking? 
The cost to park in the attached, secured parking deck is $660 (Fall & Spring). Parking is provided on a first come first serve basis.


18) Do you have parking? 
Yes, we have gated paid parking available on a first come first serve basis.   The rate is $660 for the entire Fall/Spring semester for 650 Lincoln residents.  We also have hourly paid parking for guests available at the Devine Street parking deck entrance.  Rates are subject to change.


19) Are the units furnished?
Yes, all units are fully furnished, including extra-long double beds, a flat screen TV in the living room, washer/dryer, and all kitchen appliances. The kitchen does not include dishes, pots and pans, nor silverware, etc. A shower liner is provided for each bathroom.


20) What are the available amenities?
The mixed use development offers a full assortment of amenities, including a resort-style pool, outdoor grills, Fitness Center with Fitness On Demand, clubroom, theater, fire-pit, hammocks, restaurants, etc.


21) How is the building secured?
Secured parking deck, Carolina Card access at all exterior doors, blue lights and call boxes in multiple locations, over 60 cameras throughout the property, and keyed access to your unit and individual bedroom.


22) Are all utilities included in the semester rent?
Yes, all utilities (power, water, cable, and internet) are included in the rent.


23) Will there be WiFi throughout the development?
Yes, all housing, retail, and amenities will have WiFi access offering the fastest speeds in the market.


24) Are pets allowed at 650 Lincoln?
No, pets are not allowed at 650 Lincoln.


650 Lincoln is a USC Foundation Partnership that will be managed by a private management company offering services similar to an off-campus housing development.