Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a resident of 650 Lincoln?

To become a resident of 650 Lincoln you will need to be an enrolled student of the University of South Carolina. During the fall semester you will complete and interest form, this form is available during a certain time period on the on campus housing website. Outside of this time please call or email the office to inquire about leasing. 

What is included in my semester installment payment?

Included in your semester installment payment is a fully furnished unit and all utilities. Utilities included are electricity, water, WIFI, cable and trash. Furniture included in your unit is a couch, chair, coffee table, entertainment stand, and side table for the living room, barstools for your island, an extra long double bed, two-two drawer stackable dressers, a desk and desk chair. 

Can I use my financial aid?

650 Lincoln is considered on campus housing for several reasons and financial aid is one of those. 650 Lincoln is billed directly to the student and not through their university account. Once tuition, books and any other school fees are paid the student will receive a refund of any monies remaining from the bursars office. The student can then use that refund to submit payment directly to 650 Lincoln.

Will I receive a bill for rent?

No, 650 Lincoln does not bill for semester installments. Your lease serves as your notice of installment due with there being a fall semester and spring semester due date. Each semester is due in full on the due date. 

Can I bring my pet to live with me at 650 Lincoln?

650 Lincoln is a pet free community. If you have an emotional support or service animal, that animal must first be approved by student disability services on campus. Once that approval is received by 650 Lincoln, the resident must register the animal with the leasing office.